Built with Cloudflare Workers and Pages.

Cloudflair is a passion project exploring Cloudflare's innovative products. This current version (0.0.2) features Cloudflare Workers and D1 - a sqlite database - powering Authentication through Telegram and Viber Messages.

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How the Auth System Works

Auth via Cloudflare Workers, Durable Objects, and Telegram

Secure, Strong, Sweet...

Scan a QR code to login via Telgram. Done.

Scanning the QR Code confirms your identity by triggering a message from your Telegram account to a Telegram Bot connected to our Cloudlare Worker. The Worker is connected to D1, Cloudflare's Sqlite database, allowing it to store and send back secure credentials to the browser.

The front-end is powered by Next.JS running on Vercel (I tried running it on Cloudflare Pages but it was too buggy). Login, Logout, and Session-handling APIs run on the edge through a Cloudflare Worker.

Made with 🩷 in the Philippines.
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